Broken City <3s you! 

Broken City Customer Appreciation with Sleepy Sun from San Francisco and local lovelies, Devonian Gardens & Divepool! 

O Calgary, Calgary, we doth love you thou Calgary! Here lies the most grand of parties, dedicated to none other than YOU! Totally free because you guys are amazing.

We just don't work without you guys, so thank you for loving live music, good times and Jameson Whiskey.



"The dovetailed fuzz riffage of guitarists Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss is reconstituted from equal parts primordial stoner ooze and blue crystal shards. Lead vocalist Bret Constantino—blessed with the pipes to holler from the hills—belts lines that alternately bristle with attitude and melt with drowsy ease. The rhythm section of Brian Tice and Jack Allen is a seamless collision of fluid science, heavy lifting, and the laconic—spun into a skyscraper-scaled monster gait."



"...the group exudes a powerfully eclectic interplay between its members... as they traverse through West Coast inspired psych-folk, raved-up blues rock and arena-size psych jams that venture into deep space–sometimes within a single song" - Dog Gone Blog



"Divepool writes music that has a captivating quality akin to doing somersaults through an ocean full of warm milk, the band’s waves of distortion, steady backbeat and siren song vocals have washed over gazers."


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We ♥ you Calgary!

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